Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017
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Man In My Mirror

Man in My Mirror

We are all born from a Mother and Father, the basic and most rudiment of biological facts, unless you fall under the category of a clone.Our relationship with them is open to the universe in many facets from how close we become to them to if we ever get to know them at all! Along the way there can be others that are added to our Venn diagram of life like siblings and relatives to friends and associates. Each will have an impact,  big or small and leave some residue in our lives. Along the way we can be uplifted and exalted or hurt and crushed by these interactions with others or the worst fate of all have no significant impact on you whatsoever.

This last little while I have been experiencing a different set of challenges on a personal note, than I ever have. I have become the "meat in the middle of the sandwich" so to speak between my parents. My Mom was recently diagnosed with Dementia and my Father had open heart surgery. Needless to say I have been pulling double duty tending and shuttling for each of them. Combined this situation with a few interesting family dynamics and the potential is incredible in the most clinical of definitions. I have to admit that for the last few years I have not been the most attentive of children, leaving my parents to live their day to day lives and leading my own in the process. That being said when ever the situation has arose, I would like to think that I have been there when needed for them to help out and lend assistance. Something about this turn of events has led me to reflect on my own existence and the poster at the top of this blog drove me to a contemplative state once again.

The way it is written or perhaps the way that I read it struck a profound chord in me that all life is fleeting my own included. Parents, siblings, children, relatives, friends and spouses are all fleeting. They are fleeting in how they know me and how they influence my life and ultimately, given enough time, they are fleeting on my life and my life is fleeting to theirs. There is not a single individual that I know in my life past or present,  that I can testify or state that I know completely. Hell until recently I could not even say that about myself. To use a Michael Jackson song title, The Man in the Mirror was a stranger as well. I have dedicated to myself  and for myself to know that person I see smiling back at me (or not) as I shave every morning. I will see, as if an optical illusion of the painted glass, reflections of my parents, of my parenting, of my children, and of those friends that have touched my heart. I am none of them and yet I am all of them for where can I point and say that is me and what is me as a result of some human residue. This drove home an AHA moment and gave me a different perspective on the meaning of that poster.

People will come and go in life as mortality will kiss us all, but the person in the mirror will be there forever all of our accumulated human residue from those we allowed in will forever shape who we are eternally.

Be Well

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