Sunday, Sep. 24, 2017
Entertainment that is inspirational and informative

Have Kevin speak at your next gathering or meeting, bringing an entertaining way of learning about the power of your mind and what you and your guests can achieve in an interactive and light-hearted fashion. From workshops to award ceremonies, Kevin is masterful in bringing about change in limiting beliefs to a forward focused, goal orientated direction. Utilizing examples from hypnotic phenomenon, Kevin, demonstrates how each of us has used our own mental power and use of hypnosis to keep us stuck in the rut we all can fall victim to.  As Weight management and Chronic Pain Relief are Kevin's areas of specialization in his practice, he is the go to person in presenting to your group.  

Call to discuss availability and rates. 

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Stress Busters!

Learn to Let Go

Stress kills!!

Life today has become more hectic than ever before with time demands and deadlines, family and finances.


Learn how stress can effect your well being and some simple steps to reduce stress in your life!

A great topic for administrators as well as employees.

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