EDN Hypnotherapy

EDN Hypnotherapy has been offering treatment and therapy through hypnosis protocols for over 18 years, helping people cope with many different challenges in their lives. Operating locally, in Edmonton, Alberta, and offering therapy  internationally via Skype or Zoom technology, EDN Hypnotherapy has been assisting people all over the world, with Certified Clinical Hypnosis techniques that are efficient and solution focused.

Individual services such as Chronic Pain Management, Smoking Cessation,  Weight Management, or Stress and Anxiety Treatment are available in a custom designed series of sessions with just you in mind.

The newly created Cards For Your Sanity have been developed to assist you in a portable mini session with a Hypnotherapist.

Seminars and Workshops are also  available for stress coping workshops or Smoking cessation programs for your staff.

Connect with us through Facebook or call 587-920-6903 today to connect with one of the most established Hypnotherapists in Edmonton.